Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween School Style

Ryker's school has a school-wide costume parade they do each year which is then followed by each class's Halloween party.  Robert was working from home today so I was able to put Camden down for a nap and head over to the school for the parade and party.  All the kids were adorable and some of the costumes were just too cute.  The room moms did a great job hosting the party and it was nice to meet some more of Ryker's classmates. 

Ryker and some of his classmates during the parade.

My friends Anna and Sarah were there to watch too so we got to take it all in together.

Ryker's entire class.  So cute!

They read a Halloween book to the kids and they all did a craft that went along with it afterwards.

The treats were pretty yummy too. :-)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A New Nephew!!

My newest nephew arrived today!!! 

Cord Henry Thacker arrived at 2:50 pm  He was 21.5" and 8 lbs. 3 oz.

I hate that I can't be there and I am resorting to stealing pics off Kate's Instagram feed.  :-)
Mom sent me this one and I see a lot of Thacker genes in him in this one.  I think he looks a lot different than Hudson (for now, anyway)  They change so much so quickly!
Welcome to the world, Precious One!  We love you!

Monday, October 28, 2013

38 Week Appointment

Today was my final OB appointment for this pregnancy....which is crazy and hard to believe! 

Weight Gain: 25.3
Blood Pressure: 120/72
Fundal Height: 38 cm
Baby's Heart rate: 149 bpm
Dilated: 3 cm
Effaced: 50%
Station: 0

At first I was disappointed that I hadn't progressed further and she wasn't able to strip my membranes.  However, after thinking about it, I realized it was probably for the best.  My sister-in-law is being induced tomorrow and my parents will be three hours away with them until Thursday and are hoping to go back again for the weekend before I have this baby and they will want some time here with us.  When I was already at 3cm at 36 weeks I panicked a bit and rushed around for a week trying to make sure I had every little thing done.  Now, I have it all done and I can just relax.  This is probably my last pregnancy, so I was sad it was going so quickly.  To have this extra time to enjoy being pregnant is really nice and I can just rest up for her to come.  :-) 

Right before my appointment today.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trick or Treating

We always try to take the kids to see a few family members in their Halloween costumes as the holiday approaches.  We got a few visits in this afternoon.  First up, was Aunt Karen.

Robin actually wore his mask for a short time.

The boys got a baggie of goodies and some paper Halloween-themed placemats they can color. 

Next up was Grandma and Grandpa Sheepie.  They each got to pick out their candy here and of course play with the puppy, Jake (which is what Cam is looking at in the picture).
We stopped by Aunt Diane and Uncle Brian's too, but Carter, Ashlyn, and Warren were all there so the boys were more into playing than taking pics.  I love when they get to play with their sweet cousins though.  :-)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Nursery Makeover

The baby's nursery is finally finished!  Well, almost anyway. ;-) The only thing left is to get the recliner reupholstered.  It is in the shop as we speak.  I'm hoping they can finish it soon so we have it in time for her homecoming.  If not, I'm sure we can manage without for a few days.  I've wanted it done since Ryker was a baby, so I'm thrilled to finally be getting it done!  I absolutely love the way everything came together.  Now, for a tour:

I had planned on a darker accent wall from the beginning, but am so glad the stencil idea came to me and my mom and Robert were able to execute it for me.  The crib and dresser are the same as what we had with Camden.  The bedding is a hodge podge of what I liked and went with the color scheme I wanted.  The sheet and crib skirt are both from Pottery Barn Kids (on clearance- woot woot!) but from separate collections.  The bumper is a basic white made by Carter's ordered off of Amazon.  My mom has the cream one and has since Ryker was born.  It has worn so well and really held its shape so I knew I wanted to go with one of theirs.  The price is very reasonable too ($34.99).

I did buy a new diaper pail this time.  Ours was smelling like a dirty diaper even without any in there.  My sister-in-law led me to a stainless steel one that got great reviews.  We've already been using it for Cam's dirty diapers and I have been super impressed.  The changing pad cover was purchased at a consignment sale for $1 and the bin to the right is from Target.  I bought it for Camden's nursery in a tan color and just painted it a soft white color to match the new room.  My mom found the two frames above the dresser for $15 at an antique show.  The backing is a basket weave (which is an awesome added layer of texture).  They were oak wood frames and a bright yellow and red background when we started out.  We used some of the accent wall color for one and a light pink spray paint for the other.  The monogram came from Hobby Lobby and I just painted it to match.  The bird cage was purchased from a booth at Country Living Fair.  Ryker and Cam helped me pick the perfect stick for the bird (from Hobby Lobby) to perch on. 

I love the way her mobile feature turned out too.  The pink flower balls are once again from Hobby Lobby.  I picked up the bird cage during my trip to Ikea (thanks to my sister-in-law's preshopping online).  The bird was a bright yellow and I just spray painted it pink to match. 

We made these shelves when we decorated Ryker's nursery and they have been perfect storage for books, etc.  The baskets have been in the nursery since it was Ryker's room.  I just wanted to add a little flare to them this time so I spray painted the bottoms a bright pink.  The little birds were originally red and another of Nana's antique show purchases.  The headbands are all stretched over glass jars I already had on hand.  They work perfectly though!

My incredible sister-in-law surprised me with this custom bible verse print that I just love.  I love this verse so much and it means so much that her aunt made it for her.

Remember, that blue chair will soon be covered in a gorgeous dark gray fabric.  :-)  The curtains are Target.  The nightstand was in Ryker's room and was a deep red before my trusty spray paint came in handy again.  Nana found an awesome glass knob at Anthropologie that we added for an extra something special.  It changes the whole look of the table.  The lamp and shade are both Target.  The Kleenex box cover and basket on the bottom shelf are both from Marshall's. 
All the clothes, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, etc. have been washed and organized.  We are officially ready for Little Miss to make her debut.  I can hardly believe we will have a little girl in the house soon! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Westminster Village Fall Festival

One of our fall traditions is to attend Westminster Village's Fall Festival.  Nonna works at the nursing home as a CNA and every year they do a fall festival where the residents pass out candy to the kids and they have carnival games too.  The kids always enjoy it and it really means a lot to the residents.  Nonna loves showing off the grandkids to her residents and coworkers too. 

We got stopped by the railroad tracks on the way and I snapped this pic of Robert and I.  He's so handsome!

Everyone went for the superhero theme this year. 

Cam almost looked like a robber with his hat on.  It was pretty funny.

They loved playing all the games and trading in their tickets for prizes at the end.

Me and my Caped Crusader. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

37 Week Appointment

I am full term today!  Woohoo!  I saw the Nurse Practitioner today for a check up.  Good news- I passed my Group B test so no antibiotics needed during labor which is great.  My stats were:

Weight Gain: 23.3
Blood Pressure: 122/72
Fundal Height: 37 cm
Baby's Heart rate: 147 bpm
Dilated: 3 cm
Effaced: 50%
Station: 0
Last week Chelsey said I was a "tight 3cm".  Chrissy said today I was a full 3cm so there was a bit of change, but not much.  She also said Chelsey would strip my membranes next visit if I hadn't gone into labor yet.  I had the boys within 72 hours or so of having that done like clockwork so I'm pretty sure it'll do the trick again.  I'd much rather go into labor on my own than be induced, so I'm hoping to thin out some more this week and be in a better position come next Monday.  Taking it day by day and trying to enjoy every moment (even the sore, painful ones.) :-)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Zoo Boo

Tonight was our annual ZooBoo visit.  We've done this with Robert's family the last couple of years and it's been a blast.  We met Aunt Chelle and her crew, Nonna, and Uncle Dave and Aunt Cara for some trick or treating fun amongst the animals.  Sadly Nonno had to work.  We missed him for sure! I left my phone at home on the charger on accident and had to rely on Robert to take pictures, which means we didn't get many!

My crime-fighting duo, Batman and Robin!

Boy Wonder was pretty pumped for the animals.

The boys aren't huge fans of wearing their masks for long periods of time, so Robert and I got in on the fun too.

All three of the girls in the family are pregnant now!  Cara is due May 10th, Michelle is due January 28th, and I'm about to pop! 
The animals were all very active and quite feisty today.  Two of the rhinos were fighting.  I'm talking running at each other and knocking horns!  The male and one of the female lions were having a roaring contest.  The female kept climbing a tree and jumping down.  It was so much to watch!
Afterwards, we headed back to Michelle's for some of my mother-in-law's famous homemade lasagna and smore's on the bonfire.  Michelle even got a pinata for the kids to break open.  They all had a blast with and enjoyed the extra candy!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Painting Pumpkins

Tonight, our friends from the church, the Wolsiffer's came over for dinner and some fall fun.  Tessa brought a delicious dessert and potato soup.  I made grilled cheese sandwiches and provided craft supplies for our after-dinner activity.  James and Tessa have three little ones all in close age to ours.  Saige is 4, Sloane is 2, and Dallas just arrived in July.  The kids played really well together and we had a great time hanging out.  We let each of the kids (minus Dallas) decorate their own pumpkin.
They were so excited to start painting!

They turned out to be very unique pumpkins. ;-)

Cam was just pumped to have free reign with a paintbrush!

Tessa have become a dear friend to me.  We are doing the same bible study together (or trying to at least) and we share prayer requests, etc.  Very thankful for her friendship!

All the kiddos before they headed home.  We like to joke that with all three kids being close in age and opposite in gender, at least one set just has to get married.  Cam and Sloane are definitely cut from the same cloth and absolutely crack me up!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuttle's Orchard

We've all been craving some real, fresh-from-the-tree apples so the boys and I decided to go pick some at Tuttle's Orchard today.  We met Aunt Chelle, Robert, and Nathan for some fun too.  We all had a great time (even if it was a bit chillier and windier than we anticipated).  The kids enjoyed the extra fall activities too thanks to a free coupon from the library.

Cam loved riding in the wagon. 
These boys make my heart just explode with love!

And this kid just makes me laugh (when he's not making me want to scream).

Such a fun time with cousins.  :-)

We went back to Michelle's afterwards and had some lunch before we ran to Kohl's to make some returns, etc.  Both of the boys fell asleep on the way home.  I even sat in the van in the garage and enjoyed some quiet time while they snoozed away after I got home.  :-)

SSMT: Verse 20

"I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth."
- Job 19:25

Monday, October 14, 2013

36 Week Appointment

Today was my 36 week appointment.  First up, was yet another ultrasound.  She was finally measuring below the 90th percentile in her abdominal circumfrence which was great since my doctor was finally comfortable with a vaginal delivery instead of a c-section. Woohoo!!!  She still has a peanut head and average femurs and a big gut.  LOL!  Her weight today was measuring at 6lbs. 7 oz.  which is not nearly as big as what they expected and what I've been feeling like is more accurate all along. 

Since Ryker is on Fall Break and Robert is still off work due to the goverment shutdown we all went as a family.  Ryker was thrilled to get to see the ultrasound.  He loved seeing her on the tv screen.  She was swallowing, opening and closing her mouth, and sucking on her bottom lip.  It was precious!  She also was doing her practice breathing which is always reassuring to see.  The tech also noted that my placenta has started to calcify which means it is signifying is about done doing its job.  Never knew that before and thought it was pretty cool to actually see too.  Everything about pregnancy is such a perfect miracle!

I can't get enough of those sweet lips!  I just wanna kiss them!
Weight Gain: 20.2
Blood Pressure: 102/72
Fundal Height: She didn't say and I forgot to ask!
Baby's Heart rate: 149bpm
Dilated: 3 cm
Effaced: 50%
Station: -1
I was very surprised to already be 3 cm dilated!  I didn't reach 3 cm until 3 days before having Camden and 4 days before Ryker.  I know you can stay in one place for a long time though so I'm just hoping she hangs out for at least one more week.  I hate how quickly the end of this pregnancy is flying!  I just want to soak it all in and enjoy every part of it while I can.  I know I'll be thrilled when she's here (obviously), but I love being pregnant too.  Either way, the countdown is definitely on!

Friday, October 11, 2013


We picked up Ryker's buddy, Jonah today for a playdate.  We went to Southeastway Park first for a nature walk and playground time. 
Ryker packed a bag full of bug catching gear and Cam was happy to tag along.

These guys loved the hike through the woods.  We found all kinds of fun bugs, etc.


We spent a lot of time at the pond searching for a frog.  We never did spot one, but we did find two turtles that were pretty cool.

After a picnic lunch, we headed to the playground.
They loved having Robert spin them on this.  They were getting brave by the end and sitting at the very top.

Cam wanted his picture taken too.

We came back home to play for a while.  The big boys were so good about including Camden until I laid him down for a nap.  Ryker and Jonah are two peas in a pod and love playing with animals.  They were operating a zoo with all the stuffed animals.  It was really nice because they kept each other entertained so much that I was able to get the downstairs cleaned, laundry done, etc.  It was wonderful1

Thursday, October 10, 2013


We hung out with our neighbors, the Rush's, this afternoon.  The kids always have such a great time playing.  We came in for dinner and then headed over there afterwards for a bonfire. 

My kids are total cheeseballs!  It was  snack central tonight.  They had popcorn, s'mores, and candy.  It's Fall Break, live a little, right?!?

Ryker was dancing with Amelia in the spotlight.  So cute!

He also took her for a drive in Carson's truck.

Robert brought firewood over in our wheelbarrow.  All 4 of them decided they needed a ride in it before we left for the night.  Despite Camden's face it was his idea that Amelia sit on his lap.  His mid-cheese face can be a bit more of a grimace than a smile.  lol