Saturday, May 31, 2014

Busy Saturday

This morning started off with a baseball game like usual. 

Then it was off to the library to sign up for the summer reading program and try out the firetrucks.

They did a short demo in the ambulance too.  The kids thought it was pretty cool.

We made it inside and picked out some books.  This was Ryker's first choice.  It's 648 pages long and 2 inches thick.  Nice choice dude!

Up next were some parties!  We headed out to Fairland to celebrate a friends retirement party.  Afterwards, I dropped Robert and the little ones off at the house before heading down to Greenwood.  For the past year I've been praying for a little boy I had never met named Liam.  A friend of mine from church asked us to join her in praying for him.  He was in the hospital for 10 solid months before getting a new heart and finally coming home.  Today we threw a welcome home party for him and celebrated all the holidays he missed while in the hospital.  I ran the Valentine's Day booth and helped people make valentines.  Ryker was a good helper and enjoyed trying out all the other booths too.

The balloon animals were his favorite by far.

The photo booth was pretty cool too.

There was a time Carolynn couldn't hold Liam.  I remember reading her words and crying over her inability to hold her boy in her arms.  I rejoiced with tears of happiness when she was finally able to hold him again.  Seeing her hold him today and dance with him was such a wonderful moment.  It was such a tangible reminder of God's love and answered prayers.

The donor's family was there as well.  They released balloons to honor their son.  It was a very emotional night to say the least.

So blessed to have great friends like Amy who have a heart for others and include me in serving them. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Neighborhood Bonfire

We had an impromptu neighborhood bonfire tonight.  Robert has been holding on to our old barstools just so we could burn them.  And burn them we did...gloriously so.
Riella and I heading out to the fire.  This girl loves faces.  She has some claws though so you gotta watch out!

Amber and a wiggly Riella

My cheesy man and I 

Practicing karate in the spotlight.  They are crazy!

Our new neighbors joined us too with their kids.  It was great to get to know them a bit more and let the kids play.  This is when they had two of the bar stools stacked together and had to back away from the flames because it got so hot.

It was a long day for this dude.  He literally fell asleep at my feet while I nursed Riella.

Kindergarten Awards

Today was the Kindergarten Awards Program.  Robert took some time off work to go with me.
Trying to find us.  :-)

Holding up their certificates for passing KinderCore words.  Ryker received a certificate for that along with a medal.  One of the families purchased medals with the kids' names on them and they were given those too.  

We saw Audrey in the hall on the way back to his class and snapped a picture.  These two have been buddies since Ryker was born.  In fact, Audrey told Ryker's teacher that they were cousins earlier this week.  It cracked her mom and I up!

Pointing out his apple on the KinderCore bulletin board.

Showing off those medals.

This hasn't been an easy year for our special guy but he has worked very hard to overcome the obstacles in his path and I couldn't be more proud of him.  He's kept a very positive attitude for the most part despite his frustrations and I couldn't ask for more from him.

I love these two so much!

Family Selfie!

Ryker with Miss Oliver.  We were very blessed to have her this year.  We love her dearly and so appreciate all her hard work.  We will miss her next year!

Before we left, Ryker showed us the picture he drew of his principal Mr. Kern.  He is leaving for another school in the district next year.  We are sad we only got to have him for a year and wish him well.  Ryker drew a picture of them walking together in the woods. It was so sweet.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

AR Field Trip

All year long Ryker has been working hard on taking and passing Accelerated Reader quizzes.  He qualified to go on the field trip to the Children's Museum and the school asked if I would chaperone.  I was excited to go!  We had a great day.
Ryker and Eli were in my group and sat with me on the bus.

He was excited I got to go on this trip since I hadn't been on any others this year.

Eli liked taking pictures with us.

Fun in the dinosaur exhibit.

Ringing up my order at the Chinese restaurant.

They loved cooking food for me here.  We spent a lot of time in this spot.

This sweet girl taught the boys a few Chinese characters.  They did great and were wonderful listeners.

Jayden (closest to Ryker) couldn't wait to check out the train.

We headed back to the China exhibit at the end of the day and had more room to play with the pandas.  Ryker and his friend Kaylee are both animal lovers and have bonded over that this year.  They played vet with the panda cubs for a long time.

It was a much quieter ride back to school than it was going to the museum. ;-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2nd Game Ball

Ryker had some extra fans in the crowd at tonight's baseball game.  He showed off and had two amazing hits.  One went all the way to the fence!  He won the game ball again tonight and was so excited!
He's really loving the game these days.

I didn't get his really good hit on video, but here's the second of the night.

Nana and Papaw came tonight and helped entertain the littles.  I've found bringing popcorn helps tame the beast in Camden.  He wants to play so badly and isn't very patient with sitting and watching.  Next year he can play.  

Game Ball Winnter!

Uncle David came too.  Such a fun treat!

Nana and Papaw are so proud of their little ball player.

Emily's Birthday

Today was Emily's birthday.  She invited us to a bonfire tonight to celebrate but Ryker has a baseball game, so I invited her and the kids to come play here during the day instead.  We set up the baby pool and sprinkler again and let the kids play.  The boys had a great time.  Piper took a good nap for us and Em and I enjoyed catching up and hanging out.

I love this girl.  We always have such fun together.

These two played so well together today.  Camden was being a usual!

Happy Birthday to my best friend!

Riella loves her Auntie Em!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Our original plan was to spend today out at the lake with friends.  However, Ryker ended up at the Minute Clinic yesterday with a strep diagnosis.  He started meds right away and was feeling much better by mid morning today, but was still contagious, so we stayed home.  We still had a great day outside though.

I spent yesterday completing my makeover of the back porch.  Reupholstering my new to me couch and chair cushions was an easy job and worked out so well.  I love them!

The new porch is so cozy and the perfect spot to relax.  I expect to be out here a ton this summer.

Robert set up a fun water play area for the kids.  They had a blast!

Ryker made this crown for Riella.  He's so sweet to her.

She loves to swing!

Popsicles on the porch.

Nana and Papaw stopped by for a bit.  Papaw enjoyed some cuddle time with Riella.

Before he put her to sleep and had to get home. :-)

It was a fun day at home with my favorite people enjoying the gorgeous weather.