Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Amys at the Zoo

After preschool today we met Amy Deugan and her littles at the zoo.
They were not interested in pictures.  The animals were way too interesting for that.

Wild animals!

The babies.

Love this girl!

It's an Amy thing. ;-) 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kennedy Easter

We got back from Florida around 1:30.  We were up and at church by 9:00 and then home for a bit to unpack some before going over to Aunt Diane and Uncle Brian's for the Kennedy Easter celebration.
Egg hunt fun

She didn't get the concept until most of the eggs were gone but she didn't mind much. :-)

What 's in this bucket??

Sweet little bunny.

The big kids did their hunt out back.

Easter candy.  Yum!

Mom and I

Nana and Papaw with the kiddos

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Daytona Beach

The kids and I drove north toward Cincinnati Friday evening to meet Robert.  He'd been in Terre Haute for work while we were in Kentucky.  He got the van back from the shop and headed our way.  We met him at Kate's parent's house south of Cincinnati and switched over to the van and started our drive south.
I drove the first leg while Robert got some rest and the kids fell asleep.

Ryker woke up once in the night during a fill up and hopped out to help.  It was cute.

We drove for 12 hours without stopping except for gas and to switch drivers.  The kids slept the entire time basically.  We stopped in Jacksonville for a long break and some breakfast.  Sister Bear loved the chairs at Cracker Barrel that were just her size.

We made such good time that we arrived before our room was ready.  Thankfully I'd thought ahead and packed a bag with all our suits and kept it right on top.  We changed and headed straight for the pool.  The boys were in heaven!

Then it was time to check out the beach.

She loved the sand and thought the waves were great.

Perfect beach baby!

Oh, the joy!

We got our room organized and cleaned up before heading out for dinner.  We went to Aunt Catfish's on the river and enjoyed hanging out on the dock while we waited for our table.

Family pic

AHHH! The fish got him.  :-)

DAY 2-

Sandy Piggies.  Riella harnessed the full capabilities of the sand as a natural exfoliant and applied it liberally to her entire body and mine.  ;-)

The boys had a great time playing frisbee.

After lunch we had fun at the pool.

Riella was so content to sit on the steps and play.


Worn out!

Dinner at Genovese's


Today was cloudy, foggy, windy, and not super warm.  Robert and Ryker went for a long run on the beach and then Cam and I did the same.  He enjoyed chasing the birds most of all.

We spent a lot of time in the hot tub while the kids swam. The cold didn't bother them!  The sun finally came out later in the afternoon and I couldn't resist soaking it up so we stayed out and let Riella snooze on me for a bit poolside.

We went to dinner at Inlet Harbor tonight.  Poor Cam fell asleep on the way there and slept through the entire meal!

With Cam asleep, we actually got to hear Ryker for a change, so that was wonderful!


Another walk on the beach to start our day

We all went together this time.  Robert and I were pretty ambitious in our distance today and the kids wimped out before we even turned back for the hotel.  Robert got in a great workout thought!

Back at the beach for some sandy fun

Ryker had been asking to be buried all week.  We finally did it and he hated it! Getting him to stay put long enough for this picture was a miracle. He is his mother's child!

This is our first time to the Atlantic coast side of Florida.  Robert loved the waves over here.

Sunset walk

Love this man of mine and getting to spend time together as a family


This is what vacation is all about!

We checked out the pier this afternoon.  Got some yummy ice cream and walked around a bit.

Dinner at Our Deck Down Under.  Delicious!

She is such a little poser!

The Wolsiffer's arrived late tonight and the kids were so excited to see each other!


Beach with my fave!

Ice cream on the beach from an ice cream truck...on the beach.  This was one of Ryker's must dos on the trip.

Happy Hour at the hotel before dinner.

One for the wedding slideshow. ;-)

Dinner at River Grille

Daddy's Girl


What a view!

Saying goodbye. sniff...sniff..."'Til next time, Beach!"