Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

We like to keep things pretty low key for New Year's Eve so we just invited our neighbors, the Rush's, over for dinner and games.  We ordered pizza and I made some snacky food and we all ate and hung out.  The kids played in the bonus room and watched some movies while we played games downstairs.

Pop 5 was hilarious.  I wish I had a video of Clint trying to get Robert to guess Tickle Me Elmo.  So funny!!

The kids cuddled up to watch Despicable Me 2.

They joined us for brownies later and the big boys helped Clint play some Farkle (a fun dice game if you're unfamiliar).

Riella was happy to hang with Amber and get some extra cuddles.

We bough sparkling grape juice to toast with at midnight.  The boys had so much fun saying cheers and clink their glasses.  This was Ryker's first time having anything carbonated.  He was not a fan!  He took one sip and said, "Uck!  It burned my tongue" and pushed the glass away.  So funny!

Amelia is so sweet with Riella and is so excited to have another girl on the block. :-)


Monday, December 30, 2013

Ryker's Half Birthday

Every year we do something special on Ryker's half birthday.  It's just a fun way to celebrate and recognize just him.  He gets to choose what we do and with whom.  He chose a trip to Chuck E Cheese with the entire family.
We stopped at Penn Station first for some lunch.  Cam enjoyed sitting by Daddy so he could dip his stuff in Robert's extra cup of honey mustard.  That kid is the sauce king just like his father!

Me with the (half) birthday boy.  

They were intense playing games together.  I just put Riella in the Moby wrap and wore her.  It worked out so well!

This roller coaster "game" was so cool.  It moved just like you were riding the coaster on the screen in front of you.  It even blew air out when you were going downhill, etc.  They both loved it! We're planning a family trip with my family to King's Island this summer so it's good to know they will hopefully enjoy riding some rides!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kennedy Christmas

Today was the big Kennedy Christmas.  We had it our church this year which was perfect for our very large group.  We were only missing 9 people this year so it was a pretty good turn out.  The kids were able to run and play in Playland and not disturb the adults which was perfect.  Our boys were running and playing nonstop for 2 hours.  It was great!  Once again, I was too busy yapping to take many pics. I did, however, get some of the newest addition to the family with Riella.  My cousin Abby welcomed her first, Kennedee May on December 1st.  She is so tiny (2 pounds less than Riella at birth) and adorable.

This is the only one I got with both their eyes open.  Riella was sound asleep and is looking at her Nana like, "Why did you put me down?  I was quite comfy!" haha  

As always it was great to see everyone and not nearly long enough to truly get to visit with everyone as much as I would've liked.  This was our last Christmas celebration of the season.  I'm sad to see all the get togethers end.  I love being surrounded by family!  We came home around 7:15 and the boys went straight to bed.  All that playing wore them out!  
Riella and I fell asleep in the chair in the nursery before 8:00.  Our full day of shopping and fun did us in!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas at Grandma Thacker's

Tonight was our celebration with the extended Thacker family.  My cousin Tara welcomed her first child, Harper Campbell, in late November.  I was looking forward to meeting her since they live in Atlanta now but were up for the holiday.  Sadly, Tara developed mastitis the night before and was running a high fever and generally pretty miserable.

We all enjoyed dinner and then opened gifts.  The kids were spoiled rotten, but I didn't get many pictures.
Here's Cam opening one of his. He was pretty psyched about this one.

The boys always love to play Grandma's piano.

My dad and uncle bought Grandma a new TV this year and Robert helped them get it all hooked up.  Once that was all done, it was pretty late, and we all headed home for some rest.  

Shopping Trip

My mom invited me to go shopping with her the day after Christmas.  She goes every year and always gets great stuff.  Since Robert is off work, I took her up on it and met her bright and early for some shopping.  We started off at Macy's in Castleton where I got an amazing deal on two pairs of boots ($30 a piece!!) Then, we went up to Keystone where we had a blast putting together a new bedding set (from two different stores) for me and buying me a new wardrobe (since I haven't shopped for clothes in a year).

I was so excited to find a duvet cover I liked at Pottery Barn but was disappointed by their selection of quilts and shams.  A stop at West Elm proved quite worthwhile.  I found exactly what I was looking for and everything was on clearance.  Yay!

This baby girl was a complete angel the entire day!  I hope she will love shopping days with me and her Nana for years to come. :-)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Evening

Since we didn't have any other plans for Christmas evening this year, we decided to have a few people over for dinner.  My parents, grandparents, Aunt Karen, and Jo all came over for lasagna.  We had a wonderful visit.

Grandma and Grandpa were both really talkative and were telling stories from their childhood that even my mom had never heard.  I always love listening to their stories and know these days with them are precious.  I'm trying to soak it all up now while I can.  

Riella got lots of love from everyone and was passed around while she slept.  Papaw loves to snuggle with her. :-)

Brown Christmas

All the Brown's arrived at our house for brunch at 10:30.  We decided to keep things casual and have a pajama party.  Pepaw walked in in jeans and a regular shirt.  We thought maybe he didn't get the memo about the pajamas but then he pulled out a robe and put it on.  He said he was worried about getting pulled over or having to stop somewhere and being in pajamas.  It was too cute!  After brunch, we let the kids open gifts.
The boys got Monsters University and a bag with popcorn and candy...all ready for a movie night!

Cam got a new nerf gun he was pretty pumped about.

Pepaw's friend Edie (who sadly couldn't make it) knit this adorable hat for Riella.  It is seriously precious and was so sweet of her to make!

Robert and David worked on a special project for Pepaw.  They filled this big picture frame with pictures of him and everyone else in the family that has served or will serve in the military (Tony-my father-in-law, Anthony- Robert's cousin, Robert, David, Michelle, and Michael- Anthony's son who will be joining the Air Force).  He lost part of his pointer finger during his service with the Marines and was telling the story of how it happened and a few other stories from his military career.  Always cool to hear stories from the older generation.

After the kids were done, all the adults did a white elephant gift exchange.  The blanket was obviously a popular choice.  Neither of them ended up with these gifts, but they enjoyed them while they had them.  Robert had basically every gift he got stolen from him and finally, as the very last pick, ended up with the blanket Tony has in his arms.  It matches our decor quite well which was an awesome bonus!

Michelle had one of the funniest gifts.  She opened up a shoe box and found a dirty, smelly, old pair of sneakers and started pouting.  Queen told her to keep digging and she found a $20 check AND $10 in Kohl's cash.  It was hilarious though!

We had a great morning celebrating as a family and it was nice not having to go anywhere or get ready!

Christmas Morning

By some miracle, the kids slept until 8:30.  The boys were very patient and waited upstairs while I nursed Riella.  I snuck downstairs with her and got the camera ready to capture this:

Stocking stuffers were up first.

He loves the classics.

Sooo excited about a squishy ball from Santa! 
Riella was content to sit on the couch and watch all the chaos.

Camden was happy to eat Santa's leftovers.

Riella got a Sophie giraffe (just what she asked for) ;-)

Santa brought his Batcave!

He asked for an iPad this year.  I told him that wasn't happening, but he did get the new LeapPad Ultra.  He calls it his iPad though.

Cam got a new helmet and bell for his bike.  He wanted to get his bike out today!

After the kids were done with gifts, Ryker got in the box and proclaimed, "Yes! Now I have this box to play with."

Ryker painted a silhouette of himself at school and couldn't wait for me to open it.  I absolutely loved it and might've cried a bit when I opened it.

Me and my boys.

Robert opening his gifts.  I found an awesome map of Italy at the Country Living Fair back in September and have been waiting to give it to him.  He's excited to get it framed and hung in his office.

Cam got a new racetrack.  Robert helped him set it up and they all had fun racing the cars on it.

It was a chaotic mess of a morning, but a super fun one too!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

All ready for Christmas Eve service

Daddy and his little girl

After service, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for some food and a get together with some of the family.

We actually got a picture of all of us looking and smiling...it's a Christmas miracle!!

Smiley girl with her great grandma 

Fun with cousins...Riella was worn out by this point.

Friday, December 20, 2013

School Christmas Party

Today was Ryker's Christmas party at school.  They've had a busy week full of fun activities.  
Tuesday was Grinch Day and they all wore green and watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Wednesday was Gingerbread Day and they got to decorate and eat their own gingerbread cookies.

Thursday was the Polar Express Pajama Party.  They all wore Christmas pj's and watched The Polar Express.  They also each brought in a Christmas mug that they exchanged with a classmate and then go to drink hot cocoa out of their new mugs.  Such a fun day!

Today was the Christmas party!  Jingle John came and did his show for all of the school.

The room moms broke the class up into groups.  Ryker listened to a Christmas story first.

Then he enjoyed his ice cream sundae for snack.

Last up, he made a reindeer ornament.

Here he is with Miss Oliver making their grinch faces.  So funny!

Now for a smiling one. :-)

We are ready for a nice Christmas Break! Yay!!