Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Ryker!

Robert got up early for some gym time and stopped to get donuts on his way home.  The birthday boy was pumped!  We let him open his present from us which was Zoomer, the Robot Dog.  Ryker has been wanting this since Christmas.  He was beyond excited to start playing with it.  It is a pretty cool toy and he and Cam both love it.

We had planned to go to an outdoor splash pad in Carmel, but the weather didn't cooperate so we headed to Carribean Cove on the Northwest side instead.  It wasn't my fave, but the boys had fun.

We got cleaned up and rested for a bit before driving downtown for the Indians game.
The Rush's came along and Ryker loved having Carson there to watch the game with.

Riella wasn't too into the picture. ;-)

It was $1 night for food so we all had dinner there.  Cam liked the popcorn real well.

Baseball buddies taking in the game.

This kid was a hot mess most of the night.  He was wanting to move, move, move.  He will wear you out, I tell ya!

Before the night was up, the big boys were able to meet Rowdy which was super fun for them.

Ryker said it was the best day of his life on the way home tonight.  I couldn't have asked for better.  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Family Fun Night

Ryker has been asking for McAlister's for his birthay.  Tomorrow's schedule is jam-packed full of fun so we decided to do McAlister's tonight instead.

Riella loves feeding herself with these baby food pouches.  She thinks she's big stuff.

These two are goofballs.

After dinner, we stopped by Paul Ruster Park for some time on the playground and a nature hike.

My man looks good with the baby Mobyed on him.

Cam was only interested in the hike if someone was carrying him.  Since Robert had Riella, guess who got the honors?!?  It was hot and sticky and he's heavy.  At least I burned extra calories right?

Ryker had fun finding new spiders and animals.  He also found some walnut shells that he thought were pretty cool.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ryker's Art Party

Today was Ryker's 6th birthday party.  We went for an art theme for my art-loving boy.

Welcoming everyone to the party

I can't believe he'll be 6!!

All set up for little artists!

I love this sign I made on

Each child was able to pick some wooden cutouts and arrange them on the canvas.  I hot glued them to the canvas for them.

They then painted however they wanted.

It was fun to watch each child create their own masterpiece.

While the kids painted, the adults watched Ryker's birthday video. 

Then it was time for presents.

We checked this book out of the library last month and he was bummed when we had to return it.  My mom and dad bought him his very own copy. He was so excited!

Getting ready for the birthday song!

All the kids were able to decorate their cupcakes with all kinds of different sprinkles.

It was a hit!

Most of the friends Ryker invited ended up being out of town.  He was very excited about those that could come.  Maddie and Micah were in his class this year and such sweeties.  They had a great time together.

Carson and Amelia got back from vacation just in time for the party!
He was very happy to have all his cousins here, even Hudson and Cord made it here from Kentucky!

It was a great afternoon celebrating our wonderful boy!

Friday, June 27, 2014

10th Anniversary

Robert and I officially hit a decade of marriage yesterday.  In many ways it's hard to believe.  I can't imagine life without him by my side and am blessed to have him as my partner in life.  I love him more every day and can't wait to see what the next 50+ years hold for us.

Our anniversary didn't go quite as planned, but such is life with 3 little ones. Robert worked from home and I spent most of the day out of the house with the kiddos to give him some quiet.  Camden's asthma started acting up in the morning.  I gave him a inhaler treatment before we left and brought it with us for later.  It worked right away but within an hour he was wheezing again.  I called the doctor and she said I could give him 4 puffs instead of just 2.  I did and within 2.5 hours (instead of the 4 allotted) he needed another one.  Thankfully, they have late hours on Thursdays and I was able to get him in.  His oxygen levels were low but not horrible.  They did a nebulizer treatment in the office and put him on oral steroids.  
They helped but they make for little to no sleep at all.  Robert was still able to grill our steaks and make dinner.  It was just later and a bit more frenzied than we would've preferred.

Then today, I did something new...

I got a bit of a hair cut.

I absolutely love it and wonder what took me so long to chop it all off!

Mom and Dad came over and watched the kids so we could have a date.  We had massages and then a delicious sushi dinner.

We had some time after dinner before Lowe's closed and we needed some electrical outlets for the house.  We are weird and love a trip to Lowe's without kids.  It is fun to discuss what we want to tackle next on the house.  I love doing that stuff with him and love that he likes it as much as I do.  We're so romantic.  Ha!

6 Year Photos

I did a short photo session with Ryker for his 6th birthday.  I just wanted a few decent shots and was pretty pleased with what I got for 15 minutes of shooting.

He's a goof!

Camden wanted in on the action too.