Sunday, March 30, 2014

Outside Time

The weather is finally getting comfortable enough to be outside and play!
He's ready to be climbing trees and collecting bugs full time again.

I dug the exersaucer out of the barn and cleaned it up.  She loved it!

Riella had her first tractor ride too when Robert finally got it up and running.

The boys wanted a turn too!

We played until it was pretty late and we were all hungry.  It was too late to get much of a dinner started so we just ran in to Mama Nita's and had the pizza buffet.  I love that the boys are always so good about eating a big healthy salad when we are there.  It helps justify the pizza and ice cream a little bit. ;-)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Riella Lovin'

Just some sweet pictures of our adorable little girl!
Trying on her new shades for summer!

If she's asleep, you can pretty much guarantee her thumb is in her mouth.  She's an addict!

Bright sunshine girl!

Hanging with Daddy and Tuck.

Yay for new headbands!

Quality time with Ryker at church.

Practicing sitting up.

She's always so happy!

Got out the jumperoo the other day.  She really liked it!

One of my favorite outfits I've ever put on her. :-)

Friday, March 28, 2014

An Evening with the McCollister's

We had a fun night planned with the McCollister's tonight.  Nothing major, just snacks and some games.

Since the weather was pretty decent the kids were itching to go outside.  I went outside and supervised their play for a while.  They ran an obstacle race I set up for time and a few other foot races.  Climbing trees and showing off bike tricks were popular activities too.
 These two are goofballs!

Cam wasn't interested in pictures, but Cooper was way into cheesing it up for me.

This picture is so stinkin' cute it kills me!

Audrey and Riella enjoyed some good bonding time once we were back inside.  The kids watched a movie while we played Farkle downstairs.

Such a fun evening with friends!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day in Columbus

We spent the day in Columbus with the Rush's today.  
All ready to go. :-)

It took 30 minutes to get all the seats and kids in the van, but we did it!  And then we had to stop 10 minutes in for a potty break.  LOL!

These guys were too wild for pictures.  They were busy having fun!

Riella was so good and happy the entire day.

The art corner was really fun.  Ryker loved using the hot plate to create art with melted crayons.  His favorite creation was an erupting volcano.

They climbed and played so hard!

These two are a year apart but the same size.  Amelia is quite happy we have Riella.  She is going to need a girl in our neighborhood!

The bubble room was a hit of course.

Riella was a bit tired and kept sucking her thumb trying to soothe herself to sleep.  Amber was so good to help out by holding her so I could play with the kids. I had to show off my mad hula hooping skills. ;-)

Amber helped them build a wall out of these big blocks while I fed Riella before we headed across the street to the Commons for lunch and more playtime on their indoor playground.

It was a fun day!  Looking forward to going back again soon....especially once it warms up a bit and we can go for ice cream at Zaharako's. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Day with Grandma

Another item on our to do list for Spring Break was to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa Sheepie.  We picked up Grandma so she could run some errands and have lunch with us.  We went to Target first.
Robert bought a new wallet Sunday and gave his old one to Ryker with a new dollar bill in it.  He has carried it everywhere with him since.  He was so excited to pick out something new at Target and purchase it all by himself.  He was so proud of his new bug holder.  He even made sure to keep the receipt in his wallet.  

Next up was lunch at McAlister's.

Camden enjoying Grandma's pickle.:-)

After a quick run to Hobby Lobby, we brought Grandma home and stayed to visit with Grandpa for a while.

The boys played in the woods behind their house while the puppy, Jake, played in the fenced in yard.  Unfortunately, Camden opened the gate to come back in and Jake escaped and took off.  We ran all around the neighborhood and through the woods behind the neighbors houses trying to find him.  Initially I took off in Grandpa's shoes because I was in such a hurry to find the dog.  I came back to the house to check on Grandma and Riella and changed into my shoes.  While bending down to get Cam on my back, Jake came running up to us out of nowhere.  I was so glad to see him!  It's just like my grandma said, "Life is always an adventure with boys!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Little Robert is on Spring Break this week just like Ryker so Michelle and I decided to get together and have some fun with all the kids.  We met at Expo Bowl and let them bowl.  Dave and Cara met us too and let us use their coupons.  Woohoo!
Ryker had so much fun bowling today.  I was so very proud of him!

Camden loved surprise there!  He likes anything physical or that involves a ball.  He really didn't want much help from me or anyone else.  He's fiercely independent about things like that.

These cousins are so cute together.

We had to get Riella and Ashton in too.

It was so nice having some extra adult hands around so I could keep the kids going on the lane.  Dave is getting plenty of practice in before his son arrives in May.

After bowling two games, we tried going to Steak n Shake for lunch but after waiting forever and being treated very poorly, we opted to run to McD's instead.  Everyone there was very polite which was a welcome change. :-)

Saying goodbye.  They are so sweet to each other.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jenn's Shower

My dear friend Jenn is getting married in just a few weeks.  We celebrated her upcoming nuptials with a shower today. It was such fun to see her enjoy this special time!

Obviously I didn't get the memo on coral being the color of the day.  ;-) Well, truthfully, I did dress Riella in it, I just don't own anything in that color.

Jenn's cousin, and one of her bridesmaids, was dressed exactly like Riella.  It was too funny and way too cute!