Sunday, April 5, 2015


We got the kids up early enough to go through their Easter baskets.
Watches for the boys were a bit hit.

Riella just got a new baby doll.  She loves feeding it its bottle.

Super cool in his new watch.

My crew ready for church.

Hanging with Grandma before the service.

Home again and rocking his shades.

He is such a little model.

We hung around the house a bit before going over to Robert's aunt Wilma's house for Easter dinner and an egg hunt.

Dave and Robert had the babies of the group so they got to go first.  Let's just say children may have been dropped and left to fend for themselves while these two crazies ran around picking up eggs like madmen.

The boys were so excited to start grabbing eggs.
Riella just looked cute!

They got TONS of eggs!  We'll have candy for months!

If Cam had his sunglasses on I think this could've turned out pretty well.  That kid is allergic to the sun I swear!

Taylor and Cam

My pretty girl.  She loved her dress and all the compliments.  As long as the complimenter didn't get too close.  She has a rather large bubble and doesn't really like anyone besides her mommy to invade it.

She likes me quite a bit though. ;-)

The boys with their favorite- Jay!

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