Monday, April 20, 2015


School doesn't come easy for my sweet Ryker.  In fact, it's been a really rough road.  He's so smart, but is having a hard time in our current school environment full of tests, tests, and more tests.  And worksheets, worksheets, worksheets.  He works so hard and has come a long way though.  Something seems to have happened since our return from Spring Break.  He's been more confident, more engaged in classes, and we've seen remarkable progress at home.
He dreads his daily reading less and less all the time and is doing better and better.

He enjoyed showing off his art work at the art fair recently.  This was his self portrait. :-)

A big accomplishment happened last week when he became the first kindergartner and one of only 16 kids in the entire school to make it to the 7th and final level in Accelerated Reader quizzes.  He set this goal for himself early in the year and was determined to get there.  He does a great job on these reading comprehension quizzes and has earned some pretty great rewards as a result of his hard work. (Think a trip to the movies during a school day, trip to the Children's Museum, ice cream party, etc.)

He picked a brand new book out of the library bag and curled up with Cam before bed the other night and read it cover to cover without any help from me.  He read with relative speed, perfect accuracy, and proper inflection.  It was a sight I've prayed and prayed for and tears welled up in my eyes as I took it in.  What a joy it was to watch!

He had his latest set of reading assessments done at school today and moved up two levels from when he was tested in January!  The teacher was so happy with his progress and so are we.  Thankful for progress and praying we can continue getting him the right help and that he will someday be a successful student who doesn't despise school.  ;-)

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