Friday, April 17, 2015


I got a text from our neighbors and friends, the Rush's, this afternoon asking if we wanted to have a cookout and bonfire at their house.  We didn't have any major plans so we quickly agreed.  Amber and I hung out with the kids before the guys got home from work.  She stayed with the kids while I ran to Marsh to get a few more food items and we started cooking.  I love grilling season and this was a perfect night to kick it off right!
Amelia and Cam get along so well these days and love playing together.

After dinner, it was time for the bonfire.  For the past few years we've cut up their Christmas tree and burned it during our first bonfire of the season.  It is always quite a show! The kids stand way far out in yard and shout, "Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!" while we stand ready with the hose.  The men think it's the greatest thing ever and us wives shake our heads and laugh.  Boys will be boys...

I am so thankful for Amber and her friendship.  We hit the neighbor lotto with these guys.

Her kids are pretty fun too. ;-)

Tucker joined us as well.

Jay is staying with us this weekend while her dad is out of town with her brother for a baseball tournament.  The kids adore her and we seriously love having her around.  Best teenager on the planet, I swear!

Roasting 'mallows.  Yum!

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